We Care for Quality

Tech School : experts devoted to customerS

Our technical team comprises of six experts, whose mission is to assist and advice our customers with engineering solutions.

New “product” innovations are explained in situ by our technical advisors, who train and guide manufacturers at production sites, adapting their approach to the equipment at each factory.

We help our customers maximise manufacturing and productivity as well as on final product quality. We offer our partners the chance to develop new applications in line with the demands of their markets. We support them in deciding on machine technical specifications to guide their investment choices. Our customers can also contact our experts when they come up against technical problems or  training requirements.

Emeraude: Advancing Customer InnovatioN

Petrochemical suppliers have Research and Development departments that often invent new, more advanced polymers and we help our customers benefit from these.

High Performance Polymers are one such invention. They improve the mechanical and optical properties of final applications.

Our teams play a role in this process of innovation and continuous improvement feedback loop by communicating the experiences of our customers with R&D teams.

Innovation for sustainable developmenT

Innovation in the field of polymers contributes to our sustainable development policy by limiting the amount of plastic produced.

The technological challenge for our industrial partners is to produce a thinner plastic film that has the same or improved mechanical and physicochemical properties. This minimises packaging weight and reduces its environmental impact including transportation.

Thanks to new research, less material ⁠— and so less energy ⁠— is now used to achieve the same product features and enables to integrate recycled resins in formulations.