We Care for Quality

Emeraude is a service oriented company that relies on the skills and exacting approach of its employees. We have over 150 men and women on the team, all driven by their passion of a job well done. Our corporate  culture involves close working relationships, as well as a family and team spirit. The Emeraude Group recruits employees, for its various subsidiaries, who are dynamic, results-oriented, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and who enjoy challenges.
Director of human resources

DRH Emeraude
DRH Emeraude
Emeraude, c'est plus de 150 hommes et femmes Emeraude est une société de service qui repose sur les compétences et le degré d’exigence des hommes et des femmes qui la composent. Nous comptons  aujourd’hui plus de 150 hommes et femmes animés chaque jour par la passion du travail bien fait. La proximité des relations, l’esprit de famille et d’équipe caractérisent notre entreprise. Le Groupe Emeraude recrute pour ses différentes filiales des personnalités dynamiques, orientées résultat, ayant une fibre entrepreneurial et aimant relever des défis.
La Directrice des Ressources Humaines de Emeraude International

Our teamS

At Emeraude, the international outlook is deeply embedded within each and every one of us. Proud to have a local presence in 24 countries, with a team of 26 different nationalities, we remain a family business. Our employees work from our four main offices (Paris, Dubai, Boston and Houston) and our 20 local offices spread through out in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Indian subcontinent.

We have been able to further expand the business worldwide thanks to our skilled, committed and diverse teams who constantly pursue excellence.

Emeraude team at work







Our business lines

If you are interested in what we do, you could join one of the following teams: Sales, Logistics, Sales Administration, Procurement, Accounting, or Administration.

Sales Administration
The sales administration department mainly carries out two activities:

Cross-trade sales management, and import and stock management.

Sales administrators make sure customer contracts are performed per specification. They ensure orders are received and processed up to the point of shipping, via billing.
Our accounting team ensures that the day-to-day transactions are accounted on time for the Emeraude Group companies, with a view to producing clear financial statements.

Working out of Paris, they collaborate with local auditors and experts, making sure tax and social security regulations are followed by the subsidiaries and organize accounting and tax documents. The team is also  responsible for monitoring the Group’s liquid assets.

Emeraude’s accountants operate in an international, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-country environment, in collaboration with the Group's various offices worldwide.
Sales – Area Manager
At Emeraude, area managers are Business Unit leaders and market experts. They master all aspects of sales in an international cross-trade context.

Either resident or traveling, they are in constant collaboration with customers, Procurement, Customer Services and technical experts.
They are responsible and independent, overseeing the sales process through to final payment.

They also have an advisory role when it comes to product selection and use, with the support of our technical experts to improve process performance and application quality.
The General Services team makes sure staff can work well by managing shared resources and helping create a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

General Services work across departments, supervising the services required for the company to operate smoothly: either those carried out by their team or by external providers.

They also manage maintenance, security services and make sure equipment and buildings are functioning acceptably.

The team implements the procurement procedures set out by the Group’s buyers. This role involves monitoring activity with suppliers and internal services. Their expertise extends over to data analysis of procurement data (price, quantity, KPIs, timelines, etc.)

They operate in an international context, in constant contact with suppliers and sales personnel.
The logistics team provides technical and operational support to internal services (Sales, Customer Services, Procurement, Management) to structure flow management and sales forecast, where logistics management and global transport are involved.

They are in regular contact with shipping companies and forwarding agents to ensure a smooth experience from orders to delivery.

We also have job opportunities in Finance, Human Resources, Communication, Sustainable Development and Information Systems.